Looking bride For my close relative brother

For my close relative brother
Grooms Details
Name. S. Khan
Height 58
Complexion light Brown but handsome
Religious Islam Sunni
Marital Status unmarried
Present Address Dhaka
Education Background
Honers Masters from a Public University
Profession have a good profession
Family Description
Paternal grandfather was social worker once
wife ... Khanom
Father advocat
Mother s. Chowdhury Homemaker
Paternal uncle nil
Maternal unlce educated besides land lord family. They are liveing usa..
Elder brorher reporter as a English news paper in dhaka
Wife m. Khanom
Expectations Bride
Age 25-35
Height 5-2 from 5-5
Marital Status unmarried
Family background should be good
Preferred Area any district

Looking bride For my close relative brother
Looking bride For my close relative brother
Looking bride For my close relative brother


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