I want to marry my younger sister. We are born and brought up in Dhaka,

I want to marry my younger sister.
We are 4 sisters, she is the youngest.
Father, mother alhamdulillah alive.
But mother is a bit sick, she wishes for her sisters marriage.
We are born and brought up in Dhaka,
Madaripur is home to the village, but is rarely visited.
We are a very normal middle class family.
Sister has completed MBA,
Currently interested in CA course and job.
Sisters feel comfortable in veils. Be it any event.
Cat is his best friend. He is a tree and animal lover.
Noodles, Murimakha, tea is his favorite food, he can eat them for days.
The reason for saying this is that many people have the attitude of following disciplined rules with food and their partner should also follow them.
Sister can cook Alhamdulillah.
Born 1996 Orgin
ssc 2012
Height 52
Blood group O positive
Marital Status Single
Likes to travel, but has only been allowed to visit the college area and educational tours due to dads disallowance.
The sister is very childish.
Being very serious in the service of the sick,
Not too excited about the outfit, medium.
Seeking companionship like a sister
Respect and trust the wife, because if these two are not present in the relationship, the love will fail.
Will appreciate wifes advice on all matters big and small. Dont like chain smokers.
It is better if the grooms residence is in Dhaka or if he takes his wife outside the country, the groom will live with his wife in Madinah, Saudi Arabia.
I want Patras granddaughters house in the district around Dhaka. We dont have relatives in any distant district or department, so we ask for this.
Those who follow Islamic rules in dress and daily life are on the list of favorites.
Bank jobs like those who work in Islamic banks. Respect others
Small family means mother, father, 21 brother and sister.
If you dont like any of the things mentioned,
Please avoid. Please dont make bad comments.

I want to marry my younger sister. We are born and brought up in Dhaka,
I want to marry my younger sister. We are born and brought up in Dhaka,
I want to marry my younger sister. We are born and brought up in Dhaka,


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