Looking For Groom in Canada Looking for myself.

28 - never married - living in Canada on student visa.
Studying B.A Econ 2 semesters left
Permanent address Chittagong, Bangladesh
Currently in Toronto, Ontario.
Mother - Housewife In bangladesh
Father - Deceased
1 Brother and 2 sisters. I am the youngest. More details will be provided on the first meeting.
A little about myself
I have been paying my own tuition fee mostly and also paying for my own living cost. Since covid I have been between odd jobs to survive. Had 2 years experience in IT helpdesk. I am a workaholic but also love to take breaks and explore new places different cuisines. I love to drive and go on long drives a lot. Love watching action, adventure and mystery movies. No horror . I am a little introverted at first but once I feel comfortable safe, I become extroverted and open up.
Groom expectations
Someone who is honest and open minded. Who can support me financially. Who is understanding and respectful. Atleast 28 - 33. Not more than 35. Colour, complexion height doesnt matter to me. For me its the persons personality. I have very few friends because for me quality matters over quantity. Must be living in Canada. Canadian CitizenPRon Work permit preferable.

Looking For Groom in Canada Looking for myself.
Looking For Groom in Canada Looking for myself.
Looking For Groom in Canada Looking for myself.


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