Girl has no father, no elder brother, older age.. son will have difficulty seeking groom

Details of bride
Name Sumaiya Asad Katha Myself
Year of Birth 1996
Height 51
Weight 60kg
Skin Color Dark Brown
Blood group A
SSCBusiness Studies- Motijheel Government Girls High School, Motijheel -2011
HSCBusiness Studies-Ideal School College-2013
BBA Accounting - Siddheswari University College -2019
MBA Accounting - Siddheswari University College -2022
Marital Status - Single
Religion Islam
Occupation Employed in a reputed group of companies
Father Deceased 2011
Mother is a housewife
Siblings We are two sisters.. I am elder.
Younger sister Studied in MBBS International Medical College Hospital
Current and local address Dhaka. Born and raised here. Local Dhakaiya
Economic Status - Middle Class Well-off Alhamdulillah
Some of my own statements
I am a cheerful person, I like to have fun with family, friends and everyone. Alhamdulillah I pray 5 times. I am trying to follow Islam properly. Everyone is not equal in everyones eyes, but if someone likes melancholic eyes, cheeky smile, chubby girl, then I am for him.. Although I am exercising regularly to keep myself fit! I can say this much that I will take care of the likes, dislikes and dislikes of whoever I get as my husband. I will respect his family, because he will respect me as much as I respect him.
I lost my father when I was very young.. My mother is my angel, my friend. After my father died, she took care of me and my sister.
stood up in the society as a good person .. today i do a corporate job and my sister is a doctor .. so whoever marries me must marry me with the responsibility of my family ..
Alhamdulillah I am satisfied with little.. I try to adapt to change.. I am constantly preparing myself for a better future ahead.. I am trying for government jobs.. I also want to do online business.. The rest is situation demand. .Whether or not to work after marriage depends on the opinion of both the families
Many people make a lot of promises to their girls before marriage, after marriage they become very rude about those things which I dont like at all.
I cant accept the quirk about respecting the wife, looking out for her problems that many people do. If so, it will be difficult to respect the husband.
If there is no respect and understanding in the relationship, then there is no love - in my opinion.
Age 35 no mail please, height at least 5.6, unmarried, earning halal. Employed in business or governmentprivate organization on standard salary.
Highly educated, polite, honest, sociable, cheerful nature who will be his life partners friend.
Economic Status Upper Middle Class At least presentable
Height is frowned upon by many as how a 51 girl expects a 56 boy.
I like the height difference so please dont feel bad about it.
Everyone truly observes Islam, practices, obeys Halal and Haram, prays 5 times a day. Namaz is read at one time and not at another time, no one who is inattentive during the prayer should not mail
Patras patience, intelligence, nature, responsibility should be such that he can ensure that injustice is not done to both his family and wife.
I love to travel a lot, pots are great too. If the husband is lazy about this I am the last
It is best if Patres family is settled in Dhaka.
There is no problem if the husband stays abroadcovers himself and keeps the wife to himself.
Hometown Dhaka will be preferred, besides, there is no problem in other places if you like Baudata.
No one can understand the anger of the husband before marriage. Everyone calls themselves good before marriage. But if there is loud shouting, vandalism in your house due to anger which you know very well then please do not contact. If these things are revealed after marriage, then chaos is created.
Alhamdulillah, I grew up in a peaceful family, I cant accept this situation of chilling - vandalism
Girl has no father, no elder brother, older age.. son will have difficulty.. pls dont email with such mentality.. even if father is not there, I have relatives, hope there will be no shortage
Do not email if expecting dowry.
Non-smoker better..and dusty I will fix it!
Everything above is just preference, the rest is in the hands of Allah. God knows best who is paired with whom

Girl has no father, no elder brother, older age.. son will have difficulty seeking groom
Girl has no father, no elder brother, older age.. son will have difficulty seeking groom
Girl has no father, no elder brother, older age.. son will have difficulty seeking groom


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The bride must be compatible with the groom in terms of education
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I dont want someone who has too much ego and stubbornness seeking bride
Working in a managerial position of a top Company in the Sales Marketing Dept. Posted in Dhaka
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There is no such demand from our family. But you must be a good person.
B.Sc MS in CSE seeking her groom in dhaka
Suitable girl age gap minimum 4 to maximum 9 years looking for a good hearted, Islamic minded family oriented man

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