I dont want someone who has too much ego and stubbornness seeking bride

Only those who are interested in getting married soon should contact. Read the post carefully and contact only if you agree with the familys opinion. Please dont knock without knowing the post. Those who are not interested in getting married too soon should stay away.
Want bride urgently
Those who really want to get married will contact within a few days. The post was given before this for various reasons and maybe because of Allahs command, no one has been found yet.
I am an orphan who lost his parents
I posted this several times in the group seriously for marriage but it was not on my forehead. Due to my mothers illness, I tried very hard to get someone as a wife. My mother wanted to see her sons wife, but due to fate, I lost my beloved mother this January. Maybe I could not be a suitable candidate for girls and their familys various demands, wants etc.
I am the vessel myself
Name Nahid Hossain Even
Educational Qualification MBA Department of Management
Occupation Job Health Department I am Computer Operator ERPP Govt Project, No Govt Job
Height 5.8
Weight 76 kg
Age 30 years. June 1992.
Skin color Light brown
Physical structure Alhamdulillah
Marital Status Short Divorce
Present Address Dhaka Cantonment
Permanent address Village house Madaripur but we live in Dhaka since birth. And there is 1 flat in Dhaka Cantonment. Alhamdulillah, this is our permanent address now.
Family members I am a practicing Muslim and a child of a middle class family. I, the elder sister, stay at home. small family And 2 aunts are married and they live in the in-laws house.
Father Name will be read out Deceased He was in retired Bangladesh Army.
Mother Allah has left us alone in this month of January
Contact - Inbox
I am like
Friendly, Sociable, Fierce, Honest, Free and Open Minded, Calm, Dislikes Arguments, Believes in Reality, Dislikes nor Cant Stand Lies. Prefers Straight Talk. Definitely Against Dowry and Too Much Cabin. I will not take any dowry and Kabinnama will be limited based on sons income Inshallah. Kabinnama does not play any important role for a beautiful family in my opinion. Those who have problem with Kabinnama please do not contact.
Like looking for a bride
Must be truthful, good minded, good character, sociable, fickle, can adapt to all environments and take care of the family with heart and soul, husband will maintain friendly relations, arrange everything like himself. Cheerful, generous people. Good looking, prayerful, devout, veiled hijab is good if you have the habit of wearing niqab, there is no problem if you dont, if you have faith and follow the path of Allah and I also have to rule and encourage in this matter. Please dont knock those who are not sacrifice minded, ambitious and ambitious. It is good if you know more or less cooking. If you are employed, it is better to spend your time in the family. I want a girl who is addicted to a man as a wife and want to go to heaven according to the rules of Islam and hold her hand.
If you dont get married, half of your religion is incomplete. Whatever Allah is keeping will come. We put our trust in Allah. Alhamdulillah.
Since I live in Dhaka since birth, people living in Dhaka will get priority. Anyone living outside Dhaka please do not contact.
I dont want someone who has too much ego and stubbornness.
If you have the willpower, mind, and humanity to be by your side throughout your life, please contact me. And of course those with high needs or greed will stay away. Marriage cant be done again and again, so I will be happy with a good man all my life, both of us must have this humanity.
Age Between 22-29 is better.
Height Should be below 52 if more then no problem.
Occupation.....Employee can be government or private or business, any profession.
Educational Qualification Minimum Hons Masters Running Pass.
Family status..Middle class or upper middle class can be any type.
Skin Color... Fit and health conscious.
Marital Status Short Divorce or Single. Of course, there must be no children in the case of divorce. And there must be divorce papers.
Must be of good character and family members must have good heart and humanity. Ambitious and ambitious people do not knock.
Those who are looking for government job or upper class person please dont knock.
Only those living inside Dhaka will contact the familys opinion.
Those who are not interested in getting married soon will ignore this post.

 I dont want someone who has too much ego and stubbornness seeking bride
 I dont want someone who has too much ego and stubbornness seeking bride
 I dont want someone who has too much ego and stubbornness seeking bride


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