IT Garments business seeking bride in Chandpur

looking for bride
1Name MD.Sajib hossain
2 Current location Dhaka,
3 Hometown Chandpur
4 Height 55
5 Complexion Very Fair
6 Marital status Single Never Married
7 Blood group A -Neg
8. Education profession After Complete My Study Business study . i am Doing My Own Business IT Garments business
9 Do you pray the five daily prayers? Yes, Al-hamdulillah
10 Do you have a beard? Yes Alhamdulillah
11About your family? Father, Mother , 2 Sister 2 Brother
12 At what age do you want your future wife to be? Age 20 - 30, height 5.00 or 5.4
13 When do you want to get married? Very Soon
14 Which Islamic section curriculum do you adhere to? Sunni.

IT Garments business seeking bride in Chandpur
IT Garments business seeking bride in Chandpur
IT Garments business seeking bride in Chandpur


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