Worked as a reporter in the countrys biggest media house seeking bride for my cousin

Bride wants bride
When I asked my cousin not to marry? He used to say, when a boy is born, do you know why fathers give loud azan? His comment - even if the father dies, the representative to do the work left by him has come, so he gives the call to prayer happily. When my uncle died suddenly, he did not marry again for the last 10 years. The father of the family will finish the responsibility to get married!
The boy is my cousin. a little black Age 36. Batalok is a bit better. I am looking for a way of thinking but why it is not happening. responsible boy The family has not married for a long time. Now when agreed cant find girl. He has no need. A girl aged 26 to 30. Studied or passed from a government university. If anyone knows, let me know.
name -
Born - August, 1986. Height 5 feet 7.5
Skin color dark and sunburned. Tamil Hero.
Weight - 76 kg.
Marital Status of Groom SingleNever Married.
SSC 2001
HSC 2003
University Session 03-04
Chittagong University, Honors, Masters,
Sons father - freedom fighter...........MBACHB was a first class officer of Govt.
Sons mother - everything in the house. Matriarchal family. Some see family business.
Elder - 1 MBBS, MD Gastro, FCPS Medicine. 28 BCS
Bhabhi-MBBS, MD Virology 33 BCS
1 younger sister - Honors, Masters, University of Chittagong
Senior Officer of Agrani Bank
Sister-in-law Honors, Masters, University of Dhaka.
college teacher
Home of the country Chittagong-Feni mix
The family settled in Dhaka since 2014. Will not settle abroad, will remain in the country. The house is running in Dhaka.
Container work
Worked as a reporter in the countrys biggest media house. There is some business. There is also ancestral wealth.
Son lives with mother, younger sisters marriage, fathers death due to stroke delayed marriage to arrange wealth.
Patra is black, family oriented, hard working, self made man, travels a lot.
The son has now agreed to the marriage. We dont want to be late. He will marry according to his mothers choice.
What kind of girl wants
A girl passed out from a government or private university. Age 25-31. Job is not necessary. If you want to get a job, you will be helped. Even if you want to read, you will be helped. No problem if you want to manage the house. Basically the girl will do as she wants. The sons needs are low. The misty look just says it all.
There is only one condition! It will be informed by talking to someone.

Worked as a reporter in the countrys biggest media house seeking bride for my cousin
Worked as a reporter in the countrys biggest media house seeking bride for my cousin
Worked as a reporter in the countrys biggest media house seeking bride for my cousin


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No one takes divorce by will. Dont think that divorce means that the girl is bad. Must be within Feni mandatory not outs
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Divorced, has a child Daughter and living together, Please do not knock anyone under 45 years!
Any district will do, but Patra must be with Patra at his workplace

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