I want feet For my cousin. 5th floor own house in Dhaka

Bride Details
Name To be announced later
Religion Islam
Born 1990
Height 5
Hair Light brunette
Build Slim
Education M.A in English from Eden mohila college.
Marital Status Single
Permanent address 5th floor own house in Dhaka.
Family Details
Father Dead
Mother Housewife
Siblings Two younger people. One is in Bangladesh Bank.
As in PA
Marital Status DivorcedDangerous
Temperament Gentle, meek, cold-tempered
Education At least Masters
Occupation Good job or business
Age 30-35
There should be no bad addiction.
Namazi Misukh wants to have a good family.
And take the requirements carefully. Do not knock anyone who lives outside the country or who is working or will settle. Do not knock anyone who is younger. If not serious, do not knock anyone. thank you

I want feet For my cousin. 5th floor own house in Dhaka
I want feet For my cousin. 5th floor own house in Dhaka
I want feet For my cousin. 5th floor own house in Dhaka


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