Working as Head Teacher of Hifz Department seeking islamic mind bride

Assalamu Alaikum.
I want a bride
Age 1996
Height 5.2
Weight 56
Occupation Working as Head Teacher of Hifz Department.
Education Hafez, Huffaz Training Trained, Moske Trained.
Marital Status Single.
Hometown Khulna.
Father Now retired, was a private sector employee.
Mother is a housewife.
Siblings 3 brothers, no sister.
Elder brother General Manager in Asia Pacific Insurance.
Mejho Bhai As Muhtamim of a madrasa in Dhaka.
Boy Small.
A few words about the son The son is a madrasa student
Five times prayer, and religious people.
Always smiling likes to be happy. He is very soft-hearted and tries to keep others happy. Likes to be together. In one word, very mixed people. He wants to live with a halal livelihood. Loves to travel and read Islamic books in leisure.
For example, I want a bride
Looking for an Allah fearing Muslim woman who will have five daily prayers and importance of Islam, above all else. Will respect my family. A woman with whom I can be together in this world and the hereafter. Must have good character.
Educational Qualification Qaumi Madrasa Graduate, General Educated, Aliya Madrasa Graduate.
Age Suitable
Height Suitable.
Marital Status Single

Working as Head Teacher of Hifz Department seeking islamic mind bride
Working as Head Teacher of Hifz Department seeking islamic mind bride
Working as Head Teacher of Hifz Department seeking islamic mind bride


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